Back2School Surprises

Over the last 2 months nominations have been coming in for over 80 teachers, TA’s and school support staff from a range of colleagues, friends and parents.

Initially the aim of the Back2School Surprise #Teacher5adayBuddyBox scheme was to get nominations for deserving recipients and to then select 5-6 from those nominated.

I pitched the idea to Laura (@LFPassmore) and after she had sent a surprise box out, she very kindly offered to help me to send out some surprise Back2School boxes. Not long after Natalie (@vintage_npw) asked if she could have more than one buddy for the original #teacher5adaybuddy scheme so she could spread around a little more love. Since I prefer to keep buddy’s to one, I mentioned the Back2School plans. When I told Natalie about the Back2School idea she seemed more than happy to help.

I now had a little team and the possibility of increasing the number of boxes sent out increased from 5 or 6 to 9 or 10. However as time went on, the number of nominations kept growing and with each a more than worthy reason for nomination. It would soon become impossible to choose between all the deserved nominations.

Each nomination was touching. There were multiple reasons given from being a fantastic support during NQT years to returning to teaching after a life threatening illness. Each one worthy in their own way. I wondered if it would be possible to get enough volunteers that all those nominated could receive something. So I kindly asked my PLN.

There was an amazing response from a range of educators, offering their time, money and effort to make others smile. I was amazed when after a week I had 60 boxes on offer and just 52 nominations. This was 3 weeks before the closing date.

The nominations kept crawling up and all 60 offered boxes were going to go out, so another polite request for volunteers went out. And again more amazing people offered to send out boxes.

Some boxes have already been gratefully received.

Now a small plea for me, at the time of writing there are 88 nominations and 78 confirmed boxes going out from me and the team. It would be incredible if we could get a #teacher5adaybuddybox out to every nominee. So if you think you can help please feel free to contact me on twitter (@MrsHumanities) or by email.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Victoria (aka Mrs Humanitites)

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