International Buddies

Since starting on the buddy box scheme with @mrshumanities in the spring term of 2016, I have really enjoyed it. My buddy is in Germany and as German teacher I have found this fantastic because it allows not only a well-being exchange but also a cultural exchange. I have sent my buddy things she misses from the UK and she has sent me things I can use in the classroom, as well as “real” German confectionery, tea and stationery. It has been brilliant for my students to see these things and of course I have got all the joy out of it that I would from a UK based buddy, just with a slightly higher postage cost!

The other amazing thing to have come out of this is that my buddy asked if my school would be interested in having a German assistant for this academic year. Based on this twitter friendship, started by the buddybox initiative, my school now has another member of the department who is going to make an invaluable contribution to the modern languages education of my students. Of course, this was just a fabulous piece of good timing and fortunate sequences of events, but it just goes to demonstrate the potential that the scheme has. It’s also always exciting to receive post, and even more so when it’s winged its way from Germany.

Overall, it has been a brilliant experience and I am sure that me and my buddy will agree that it has positively influenced our working lives.

Jessica Catnatch


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