Hello from Germany 

I found out about buddy-boxes by following @MrsHumanities on Twitter, after discovering the #teacher5aday hash-tag/movement at the end of last year when I was suffering from burnout/depression. I actually teach in Germany, but this whole idea of #teacher5aday appealed to me so much that I just joined in, and no one seems to worry that I’m not working at a UK school! 😉

When @MrsHumanities suggested the idea of buddy-boxes, I loved the idea of being able to surprise someone and make them smile! So I contacted to ask whether I’d be allowed to join in, and she was excited for me to me matched up with a German teacher, who was equally excited to have me as a buddy!

We chatted a bit on Twitter, and swapped addresses, and got busy with putting together the first buddy box! Actually, I already sent a post-card with some well-being tips in German, which my buddy said made her day! She has already responded with a postcard to me! I really love being involved in this scheme!!

I am really amazed at what a difference it makes having a buddy! I’ve always loved giving and sending presents – for me, the reactions are reward enough, even without receiving anything back. But I’ve noticed that I have my eyes open now when I walk through town, instead of hurrying through, head down… And why? Because I’m always on the look-out for goodies to out in my buddy box to send to my buddy!!

What a great feeling being able to surprise someone and make their day! It’s like having an adult pen-pal – great fun! And if I feel this great connecting with someone I’ve not met…. Imagine the power of small surprise gifts or cards to the colleagues, friends & family closer to home!!
Clare Fielder @Clare2ELT

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