Happy 1st Birthday #Teacher5adayBuddyBox

The 1st of February represents 1 year of #Teacher5adayBuddyBox and what a year it has been. From a handful of volunteers at the end of the February 2016 to over 400, from countries near and far. 1st-birthday-celebrationsTo celebrate 1 year, a very special #Teacher5adayBuddyBox has been sent out. A collaboration between more than 20 teachers and school staff from across the #Teacher5aday network to show their appreciation of a special someone (once receipt of the box is confirmed, their identity will be confirmed).

I hope they love it as much as I’ve loved putting it together.

I’m very proud of what #Teacher5adayBuddyBox has become, spreading boxes of cheer across the country is a delight. Thank to all those that have signed up and taken part, you make everyday that little bit more joyful.

A big thank you for all your support.

Kind regards,


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