My buddy hasn’t been in contact…

I hear this from time to time.

Firstly I’m sorry that your buddy signed up but has not been in contact.

Secondly I’d like to point you towards the FAQs. This page outlines exactly what you need to do.

“If you have trouble contacting your buddy, let me know either through the contact form, by email or through Twitter. I will endevour to make contact with them within two weeks of your message, if I fail to do so then I will advise you to sign up again so you’re details are added to the spreadsheet and new buddy can be provided.

Although I try to respond to all messages, if I haven’t responded to you, it’s just that I’m very busy with work or life. If after two weeks you’ve not heard from me, then please feel free to sign up again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Unfortunately sometimes I get very busy with work or life and although I receive a message, I don’t always have time there and then to reply to you. Often I will quickly send an email to your buddy and wait for a response but I then sometimes completely forget to send a message to you. My apologies. If I do forget to message you back, please follow the instructions in the FAQ section as shown above.

Thanks for your patience.






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